Jen is so knowledgeable about chronic health conditions and gets at the root issues so you can feel better. I am continually impressed by her ability to make the important connections and recommend the best health regimen!

Linda W, Sandy Hook
Jennifer has been an invaluable resource for my health issues. Her attention to detail has helped me refine my diet and make positive lifestyle adjustments. She’s a compassionate listener and a real health partner.
— Lori P, Chico

I had the chance to work with Jen a few months ago and it was such a pleasure. Her calm and interested demeanor made me feel relaxed and not worried that she would judge my dietary habits. She was interested and so patient in taking my history. I felt confident that she truly listened and her suggestions for dietary modifications were simple and very doable. I really recommend her service to anyone looking for a revamp of their diet and overall health. Jen is such a nice person and very smart and thoughtful. A pleasure to know and work with! P. S. She is also a stellar baker of gluten free treats. When she did that regularly her zucchini bread was my favorite treat ever!
— Lynn J, Chico